AEMS Board of Directors
Mainstage concerts, by season
Hausmusik concerts, by season
In the spring of 1982 a group of friends, including University of Arizona faculty members James Anthony and John Boe as well as other members of Tucson's musical community, hit upon the idea of forming a group that would be, as our mission statement still reads, "Dedicated to the enrichment of contemporary life with the music of the past."  Specifically, they wanted to organize concerts featuring music from the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque Periods performed by early music specialists on period instruments.  They settled on a name for the organization: The Arizona Early Music Society.

That  first concert season began rather modestly: three concerts, for which the performers received only the gate receipts (typically just a few hundred dollars).  The second and third seasons featured just two local concerts, augmented by organized bus trips to performances at Arizona State University in Tempe.  As our audiences grew, so did our offerings.  Now in our thirty-second season, AEMS  regularly presents five or six mainstage concerts featuring internationally-acclaimed touring artists; a second, more intimate series called Hausmusik, which features primarily local musicians, held in private homes; as well as other forays into Tucson's schools and the community at large.

The Arizona Early Music Society is a non-profit organization, supported by ticket sales; grants from the Arizona Commission on the Arts, and the National Endowment for the Arts; and tax-deductible donations from audience members and local businesses.

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AEMS Board of Directors
  President   Bette Arnett
  Vice President   Scott Mason
  Treasurer   Laurie Camm
  Secretary   Gary Kern

  Olman Alfaro
  Elaine Dow
  Deane Ford
  Harlan Hokin
  Christina Jarvis
  Kathleen Krause
  James Lohman
  Chancy Pelletier
  Jeffri Sanders
  Karen Topham

AEMS Advisory Board
John Boe
John Brobeck
Jeffrey Campbell
Susan De Armond
Bartolomé Díaz
Arthur Haas
John Holloway
Stephen Keyl
Kathryn Mueller
Paul O'Dette
Tom Patterson
Tulio Rondón
Helen S. Schaefer

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Artists presented by AEMS
Mainstage concerts


The Elizabethan Trio (voice, harpsichord and drama)
John Hsu and John Metz, (viola da gamba  and harpsichord)
Ensemble Chanterelle (soprano and lutes)


Martin Best (troubadour)
Sonya Monosoff (baroque violin)
Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra
Ton Koopman (harpsichord)


Calliope, a Renaissance Band
Paul O’Dette (lute)
Alfonso X (medieval string band)


Konrad Junghaenel (lute)
Trio Live Oak (Renaissance musical drama)
Musica Dolce (broken consort)
The Musicians of Swanne Alley (broken consort)
Erich Schwandt (harpsichord)


Ensemble Chanterelle (soprano and lutes)
Quadro Los Angeles (traverso and harpsichord)
Hilliard Ensemble (male vocal ensemble)
Richard Troeger (harpsichord)


Musica Dolce (broken consort)
Eva Legêne and John Gibbons (recorder and harpsichord)
A Sett of Vyalls (with Judith Nelson, soprano)
New World Consort
Susan Duer (fortepiano)


A Gala Salute to James Anthony
Preethi DeSilva (harpsichord)
Trio Sonnerie (violin, viola da gamba, harpsichord)
Keith Reas (organ)
Paul O’Dette and Hopkinson Smith (lutes)
Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet (recorders)
Judith Nelson (soprano)


The King’s Trumpets and Shalmes
John Gibbons (harpsichord)
Musica Dolce with the Phoenix Chamber Singers
Lauren Pelon Musique Company (voice, winds and strings)
Igor Kipnis (harpsichord)
Trio d’Amsterdam (fortepiano, classical clarinet and cello)
Concerto Amabile (baroque violin, traverso, cello and harpsichord)


Gai Saber (medieval ensemble)
Musica Dolce (broken consort)
Ton Koopman (harpsichord and organ)
Musical Assembly (broken consort)
The Musicians of Swanne Alley (broken consort)
Hopkinson Smith (lute)


Susan Duer (fortepiano)
The Scholars of London (mixed vocal ensemble)
Paula Romanaux (organ)
Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet (recorders)
Hesperus (early and traditional music)


Live Oak and Company (Renaissance musical drama)
Eva Legêne and John Metz (recorder and harpsichord)
Musica Dolce with the Phoenix Chamber Singers
Edward Parmentier (harpsichord)
James Anthony Birthday Celebration
Musical Assembly (broken consort)


Parthenia (viols and countertenor)
Anner Bylsma (baroque cello)
Messiah, part I – University of Arizona Collegium Musicum, John Brobeck conducting
The Baltimore Consort
Edward Parmentier (harpsichord)


Musica Pacifica (baroque winds and strings)
Breve (broken consort)
Musica Dolce with the Phoenix Chamber Singers
L’Antica Musica (bass-baritone and theorbo)
The Locke Consort (violin, viola da gamba and theorbo)


Richard Savino and Andrea Fullington (baroque guitar and soprano)
Jennifer Paul (harpsichord)
The Harp Consort
Quink (mixed vocal ensemble)
Three Parts Upon A Ground (baroque violins, theorbo and harpsichord)


Paul O’Dette (lute)
Palladian Ensemble (broken consort)
L’Antica Musica (bass-baritone and theorbo)
Boston Shawm and Sackbut Ensemble
Ensemble Versailles (baroque violin, traverso, viola da gamba and harpsichord)
Elizabeth Blumenstock and Elaine Thornburgh (baroque violin and harpsichord)


The Sirius Ensemble (medieval voices and instruments)
Les Voix humaines (viola da gamba duo)
Gala benefit concert featuring Mark Salzman
Flanders Recorder Quartet
Ensemble Clément Janequin (male vocal ensemble)
Eva Legêne, Wieland Kuijken and Arthur Haas (recorder, viola da gamba and harpsichord)


Tapestry, with Shira Kammen (female vocal ensemble and vielle)
Romanesca (baroque violin, theorbo and harpsichord)
Musica Pacifica (broken consort)
The King’s Noyse, with Ellen Hargis and Paul O’Dette (broken consort and soprano)
Musica Dolce (broken consort)


Piffaro, The Renaissance Band
Musica ad Rhenum (traversi, baroque strings and harpsichord)
Benjamin Bagby’s Beowulf
Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet (recorders)
The Bottom Line (viola da gambas, theorbo and harpsichord)
J.S. Bach 250th Anniversary Memorial Concert


Musica Dolce (broken consort)
Arthur Haas (harpsichord)
The Concord Ensemble (male vocal ensemble)
John Holloway and Aloysia Assenbaum (baroque violin and chamber organ)
Fretwork, with Ellen Hargis (viol consort and soprano)
My Lord Chamberlain's Consort (voices, plucked and bowed strings) 


Ex Umbris (broken consort and voices)
La Venexiana (mixed vocal ensemble)
Cappella Artemisia (female vocal ensemble)
Fortune's Wheel (voices, harps and vielles)
Musica Pacifica (broken consort)


John Holloway, Lars Ulrik Mortensen and Aloysia Assenbaum (baroque violin, harpsichord and organ)
Paul O'Dette (vihuela and baroque guitar)
Music's Re-creation (baroque flute, violin, gamba and harpsichord)
The Orlando Consort (male vocal ensemble)
The Verbruggen Ensemble (recorders, baroque violin, cello and harpsichord)  


Belladonna (baroque violin, cello, recorder and harpsichord)
La Venexiana (mixed vocal ensemble)
Lorna Peters (harpsichord)
Trio Galatea (violin, cello and fortepiano)
John Dornenburg and Jeffri Sanders (viola da gamba, harpsichord and organ)
Tapestry (female vocal ensemble) 


Fortune's Wheel (voices, harp and vielle)
Hopkinson Smith (lute)
Musica Pacifica (broken consort)
Syntagma Ensemble (tenor, baroque violin, theorboed guitar and percussion)
Piffaro, The Renaissance Band


Ellen Hargis and Paul O'Dette (soprano and lute)
El Mundo
(voices, plucked and bowed strings)
Asteria (soprano, tenor and lute)
REBEL (violins, recorder/traverso, cello and harpsichord)
Yukimi Kambe Viol Consort


Galanterie (lute, violins and cello)
Syntagma Ensemble (tenor and guitar)*
The Aulos Ensemble, with Julianne Baird
(broken consort and soprano)
Concerto Pacifica, with Michael McCraw (baroque orchestra)
Ensemble Caprice (recorders, gamba and harpsichord)
Lorna Peters (harpsichord)*
Paul O'Dette (lute)**
The Rose Ensemble (mixed vocal ensemble)
Hesperus: The Robin Hood Project (silent film with broken consort)*

*Early Music On the Move
**AEMS Silver Anniversary Celebration


La Riche & Co. (baroque oboe, cello and harpsichord)
Wood'N'Flutes (recorder trio)
José Miguel Moreno (baroque guitar and vihuela)
Les Voix humaines (viola da gamba duo)
Tapestry (female vocal ensemble)
Harmonie Universelle (baroque violins, viola, cello and harpsichord) 


La Donna Musicale (soprano, tenor, baroque flute, baroque violin, gamba and harpsichord)
Diabolus in Musica (male vocal ensemble)
Pierre Hantaï (harpsichord)
El Mundo
(voices, plucked and bowed strings)
Empire Viols (viols and harpsichord)


José Miguel Moreno (Renaissance lute)
Virginal Music (soprano and virginal)
Sequentia (voice, harp and flutes)
Cappella Artemisia
(female vocal ensemble)
L'incontro antico (gambas, theorbo and harpsichord)


Heinavanker (mixed vocal ensemble)
Les Sirènes (sopranos and harpsichord)
Ciaramella (broken consort)
Trio Sonnerie
(violin, gamba, and harpsichord)
Mahan Esfahani (harpsichord)


Ostraka (viola da gamba, theorbo, and guitar)
Yuko Tanaka (harpsichord)
The New Esterházy Quartet (string quartet)
(recorders, voices, vielle, harp, plucked strings, and percussion)
Ensemble Caprice (recorders/traversi, guitar, cello, and percussion)


Corde à vide (violin and harpsichord)
Agave Baroque (violin, gamba, guitar, and harpsichord)
Les Sirènes (sopranos, harpsichord, and cello)
The Broken Consort
(voices, vielle, winds, lute, and percussion)
Wayward Sisters (recorder, violin, cello, and theorbo)

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Anthony Newman (harpsichord)
Christina Jarvis, Harlan Hokin and Jeffri Sanders (soprano, tenor and organ)
Ensemble Versailles (traverso, baroque violin, viola da gamba and harpsichord)


Zoran Stilin and Paula Fan (cello and harpsichord)
Judy Frankel (voice and vihuela)
Palo Verde Trio (recorder, viola da gamba and harpsichord)
Roberto Capocchi and Christina Jarvis (guitar and soprano)


Grayson Hirst, Marya Giesy, Gordon Epperson and Martha Salzman (tenor, strings and harpsichord)
Tom Patterson (guitar)
Early Voices (mixed vocal ensemble)
Catalina Brass Quintet


All-Schubert Evening (Grayson Hirst, Anna Gendler and Alexander Tentser)
Martha Salzman (harpsichord)
Early Voices (mixed vocal ensemble)
Edward Reid and Jeffri Sanders (trumpet and organ)


All-Telemann Evening (G. Blum, S. Schwoebel, W. Glass, N. Monsman, S. Pool and J. Sanders)
Old Pueblo Madrigal Singers, Christina Jarvis conducting
John Metz and Barbara Bailey (fortepiano and classical cello)
University of Arizona Student Showcase
Terzetta (violin, cello and harpsichord)


Chant Beneath the Stars, featuring tenor Harlan Hokin
Heavy Metal Brass Quintet, with organist Jeffri Sanders
Elizabeth Rosenblatt and John Brobeck (flute and harpsichord)
Christina Jarvis, Laurel Decker and Michael Harding (soprano, mezzo-soprano and guitar)


Tom Patterson (guitar)
Richard Walz and Mari Tomizuka (mandolin and piano)
Darlene Tillack and Martha Salzman (recorders and harpsichord)
Heavy Metal Brass Quintet


Alexander Tentser and Anna Gendler (piano and violin)
Old Pueblo Madrigal Singers, Christina Jarvis conducting
Janet Tolman and Rebecca Foreman (organ and harp)
Arizpe String Quartet, with flutist Sandy Schwoebel
Desert Sands (flute, oboe and harpsichord)


Dieter Hennings, Francesca Jarvis and Jeffri Sanders (guitar and recited poetry)
Cantique (mixed vocal ensemble)
University of Arizona Student Showcase (April Hulsey, Michael Melvin, Tulio Rondón)
All-Bach Recital (Maureen Papovich, Casey Papovich, Martin Schuring and Jeffri Sanders)


Tulio Rondón and Jeffri Sanders (baroque cello and harpsichord)
Musica Sonora (chamber choir)
Wayne Glass and Dieter Hennings (tenor and guitar)
Sandy Schwoebel, Zoran Stilin and Jeffrey Campbell (flute, cello and organ)


Emily Jones and Jeff McKee (guitar duo)
Buxtehude plus (Christina Jarvis, Maureen Papovich, Casey Papovich, Jose Flores, Francisc Restesan, 
       Zoran Stilin, Jeffri Sanders)
Harvey Wolfe, Nelzimar Neves and Pamela Decker (cellos, organ and harpsichord)
Whisper, Muse! (mixed vocal ensemble)


Sandy Schwoebel, Jose Flores, Zoran Stilin and Jeffrey Campbell (flute, violin, cello and harpsichord)
Kathryn Mueller and Jeffri Sanders (soprano and harpsichord)
Ed Reid, Elizabeth Bright, Kristine Crandall, Tom Ervin, Michael Sherline (brass quintet)

Stephen Keyl, Carla Kountoupes and Mimi Papp (organ and violins)
Musica Sonora (chamber choir)
Darlene Tillack and Jeffri Sanders (recorder and harpsichord)

Sandy Schwoebel and Gonzalo Andres Molano (flute and guitar)
Sueños de Oro (mixed vocal quartet)
Lori Keyne and Marc Bellassai (duo harpsichords)

Summer Thunder (ancient Chinese music)
Stephen Keyl and Christopher Jackson (organ and baritone)
Jeffri Sanders and Laura Tagawa (harpsichord and violin)

Les Sirènes (sopranos and harpsichord)
Musica Sonora (voices, flute, violin, cello and harpsichord)
Zoran Stilin and Jeffrey Campbell (cello and harpsichord)

Harlan Hokin and Friends (medieval vocal and instrumental)
Jeffri Sanders (organ)
Paul Amiel and Friends (vocal and instrumental music of ancient Greece, Israel, Sumeria, China, and Japan)

Kiann Mapes, Christina Jarvis, and Jeffri Sanders (baroque flute, soprano, and harpsichord)
Las Arenas del Canto (mixed vocal quartet)
Lars Rosvoll (guitar)

Emma Noël Votapek, Mark Votapek, and Jeffri Sanders (violin, cello, and harpsichord)

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