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Flanders Recorder Quartet
Sunday, March 9, 2014  -  3:00 pm
St. Philip's In The Hills Episcopal Church
4440 N. Campbell Ave. (at River Road)
Tickets: $25 general, $22 seniors, $5 students

Circa 1600
The Birth of Affect



Ashton: Ashton's Maske
Magnificat secundi toni
Fantasia super Io son ferito
van Eyck:
Preludium ofte voorspel
Ballo del granduca
G. Gabrieli:
Canzon La Spiritata

A. Gabrieli: Canzon deta Suzanne un iour
Anonymous (1621):
Anonymous (1621):
R. Johnson:
Satyr's Dance
van Eyck:
Engels Nachtegaeltje
Canzon La Marcha
Canzon La Livia
Pavana Lacrimae
J.S. Bach:
Passacaglia in G minor


Circa 1600 is one of the most intriguing periods in the history of music. Throughout Europe poyphony holds sway. In Italy, with Florence and Venice as the nuclei, a new style emerges. The baroque era has begun. Composers aim to arouse feelings in listeners primarily with harmonically supported melodies and expressive intervals. This rediscovery of pure instrumental music and its emancipation from vocal music was expounded by Monteverdi, Gabrieli, and others.

Since its foundation in 1987 and after more than 1,800 concerts in 42 countries on five continents, the Flanders Recorder Quartet has evolved into one of the world's top ensembles. Their extensive collection of instruments and their highly virtuosic performances of a richly varied program make each concert an unforgettable experience and allow the recorder, one of the most important instruments of the Renaissance and Baroque periods, to shine in its former splendor.

Read more about Flanders Recorder Quartet on the web, and watch them perform live on YouTube.