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Les Délices
Sunday, November 24, 2013  -  3:00 pm
St. Philip's In The Hills Episcopal Church
4440 N. Campbell Ave. (at River Road)
Tickets: $25 general, $22 seniors, $5 students

The Tastes Reunited

The James R. Anthony Memorial Concert


F. Couperin: L'Astrée
Sonate pour le haubois et basse continue
Quatrième Trio "La Junon"
Jacquet de la Guerre:
Sonata in C minor
Sixième Suite from Tibiades (1717)
F. Couperin:
La Françoise from Les Nations (1726)
F. Couperin:
F. Couperin:
Chaconne ou Passacaille

Although imported Italian music was contraband at court in late seventeenth-century France, the Italian sonata's rhythmic vitality and harmonic clarity inspired a new generation of French composers eager to try their hand at writing in the Italian style. Les Délices captures the essence of this French-Italian fusion with sonatas by François Couperin, Louis-Nicolas Clérambault, and Jean-Féry Rebel that date from the 1690s, when the style was fresh and still controversial.

Les Délices presents polished, expressive, and dynamic performances of masterpieces and little-known works from the French Baroque. They bring together artists with national reputations who share a passion for this exquisite repertoire. Their performances on period instruments explore a rich tapestry of tone colors, and the group's name conveys their approach to the music of this era: a delight, a fine delicacy, sumptuous and exciting.

Featuring Debra Nagy, baroque oboe; Scott Metcalfe, baroque violin; Emily Walhout, viola da gamba; Lucas Harris, guitar & theorbo; and Michael Sponseller, harpsichord.

Read more about Les Délices on the web. Connect with them on Facebook. Hear them on YouTube.