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Agave Baroque
Sunday, October 21, 2012  -  3:00 pm
Grace St. Paul's Episcopal Church
2331 E. Adams Street
Tickets: $25 general, $22 seniors, $5 students

Friends of Ferdinand
Johann Schmelzer and Antonio Bertali At the Court of the Holy Roman Emperor

The James R. Anthony Memorial Concert


Schmelzer/BertaliSonata VII from Prothimia Suavissima (Part II)
SchmelzerSonata variatia à due
FerroSonata, Op. 1, no. 10
BertaliSonata à due
Schmelzer/BertaliSonata I from Prothimia Suavissima (Part II)
Leopold IBallo per Apollo e per le Muse from La Lira d'Orfeo

KertzingerSonatina con altre arie
FrobergerToccata X in F
SchmelzerLamento sopra la morte Ferdinando III à tre
Schmelzer/BertaliSonata X from Prothimia Suavissima (Part I)
GranataSonata di chittarra, e Violino, con il suoBasso Continuo

In addition to being virtuoso composers and violinists, Johann Heinrich Schmelzer and Antonio Bertali maintained close musical, social, and political ties with their employers, Holy Roman Emperors Ferdinand III and Leopold I. This program cernters around works from the great collection Prothimia suavissima, as well as Antonio Bertali's Tausend Gülden trio sonata and his beloved Ciacona, Schmelzer's touching Lamento sopra la morte Ferdinandi III, and works by Marco Antonio Ferro, Giovanni Antonio Bertoli, Johann Jacob Froberger, and Leopold I himself. Agave Baroque is a dynamic, young Bay Area ensemble specializing in string chamber music of the 17th century. This year the group is one of five finalists in the Early Music America/Naxos Recording Competition and one of six finalists in Early Music America's 2012 Baroque Performance Competition. The members of Agave Baroque are Aaron Westman (baroque violin), Shirley Hunt (viola da gamba), Kevin Cooper (baroque guitar), and JungHae Kim (harpsichord and organ).

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